When a judge creates a divorce decree or parenting plan, compliance with its terms is not voluntary. Each parent must comply with the court’s ruling for as long as it remains in effect, and failure to do so could have serious consequences. When you need help handling a difficult situation involving a minor, speak with a well-practiced child custody attorney at Carmiece Graves Law to understand your available options.

If your co-parent refuses to meet the terms of your child custody agreement, an Upper Marlboro child custody enforcement lawyer could step in to ensure compliance. Let a knowledgeable legal professional leverage their skills in family law to ensure the child’s interests are protected.

How Custody Orders Are Violated

There are different ways a parent could fail to comply with the terms of a child custody agreement. Whether these actions are malicious or accidental, they can leave the other person with little choice but to pursue enforcement through the courts with the help of a practiced attorney.

Tardiness is often at the center of custody issues, and disputes frequently arise when one parent is late to pick up or drop off a child from a scheduled visitation. This disagreement could cover anything from a few hours to several days. Other conflicts often involve intentionally violating the terms of the child custody order. For example, one parent might refuse to return a child to the other parent despite the parenting plan’s requirements. Any of these violations could require the advice and support of an Upper Marlboro child custody enforcement attorney.

How To Reach a Voluntary Resolution

Disputes over enforcement may result in heated disputes, but there are many situations where these issues can be resolved amicably. An Upper Marlboro attorney could reach out to the other parent or their legal counsel to resolve a child custody or enforcement issue without immediately filing a petition with the court. An understanding legal professional has experience handling these situations and could help to facilitate communication to ensure that the parenting plan is followed.

Sometimes, the violation of a court order is an honest mistake or a simple miscommunication. When that is the case, an open dialog can avoid costly and time-consuming court proceedings, and a practiced attorney could bring an experienced mediator to help with this process. A mediator can help resolve conflict peacefully so parents can make a choice that is in the child’s interests. This approach can work even when the violation was not an accident. Open communication is more likely to prevail when an attorney is involved, and a simple discussion can help end conflicts.

When Is Court-Based Enforcement Necessary?

Not all parties are willing to resolve disputes over child custody amicably. When reaching a negotiated resolution is not possible, it is crucial to seek assistance from seasoned legal counsel. An Upper Marlboro child custody enforcement attorney has the power to file for contempt of court when a co-parent violates the terms of the order.

Judges expect strict compliance with their orders, and those who refuse to uphold their responsibility as parents are at risk of being found in contempt. A court’s contempt powers can lead to penalties like monetary fines. A judge could even order a parent to be incarcerated for refusing to follow the terms of the order. The more likely outcome is the court requiring make-up time or even altering the terms of the agreement to ensure fairness.

Call a Child Custody Enforcement Attorney in Upper Marlboro for Help Today

When a co-parent refuses to comply with the terms of your divorce decree or parenting agreement, you have the right to hire a diligent attorney to advocate for you and your child’s best interests.

You must hire an Upper Marlboro child custody enforcement lawyer who is well-versed in understanding the nuances of family law. Your choice of legal counsel could impact the outcome of your case. Call our firm today to set up an initial consultation with an experienced Largo attorney.