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Why Carmiece Graves Law?


We are a law firm that specializes in professionalism, discretion and promptness. There are many firms that over bankruptcy protection, but very few do it with the knowledge and specificity of Carmiece Graves Law.

Attorney Carmiece Graves has a background in finance and law, which uniquely qualifies her for some of the complexities involved in the process. Each case is different and only an experienced attorney understand all of the ramifications that come with each filing.

More bang for your buck!! In high asset divorce cases many attorney’s must rely accountants to interpret and reconstruct your personal financial statement that will be present to the court.

Having an inherent understanding of accounting principles is remarkable advantage to under covering hidden assets, properly presenting your financial story to avoid common mistakes in dividing assets, and ensuring that any alimony or child support awards are properly invested and presented to Court for your greatest benefit.

An accounting knowledge enables Attorney Graves to develop legal strategies that effectively minimize the unnecessary drain on your financial resources or help to ensure that you get what you are entitled to under the law.

A financial background enables  Attorney Graves to ensure that your personal or business financial statement will pass an audit the US Trustee to obtain a discharge of your debts pursuant to Chapter 7 or the approval of your Chapter 13 repayment plan.

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Attended Howard Law on Merit Scholarship
Senior Editor, Howard Law Journal
Scholarship Award Association Attorney-CPA

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